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Storage / Accumulation Wood Stove with Baking Oven: LAST ONE

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Accumulation wood stove with a baking oven

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Accumulation Wood Stove with a Baking Oven! 

You have not seen this before!
This is a very popular and high end European wood stove made in Czech Republic. In Europe it is sold under the label "Bruno" while in USA we are using our own label "Heatflow".
The unit consists of 2 components: at the bottom is the wood stove itself, shown in its entirety in pic # 2. It is made from heavy gauge black steel This is not a regular wood stove but a storage stove! Inside the fire chamber is has a chamotte insert as can be seen in pictures. The wood is burnt inside it. 
Here is how heat accumulation happens: chamotte gets up to 500F and once the fire is out it then cools down at the speed of 60F per hour. The beauty of it is that you don't need to always have the fire going in order to produce the heat - it radiates heat long after the fire is gone!
The stove itself burns wood quickly, min. burn rate is 5.47 kg/hr which makes it exempt from EPA (anything over 5 kg/hr). The stove has both primary and secondary air for efficient burning and is praised for leaving over very little ash (next to nothing). Primary air control is on the door, secondary air in the back. It has a double chamber combustion system but still does not burn as cleanly as EPA stoves.
The stove comes mounted on a stand (as pictured) which is used for wood storage.
It also has a hot plate on  top which can be used for cooking or warming up food.
Now, the stove also comes with the removable baking oven. If you want to bake, just undo the back cover of the oven, place the oven on the stove, and mount the back cover back. The oven can reach 450F inside.
Both the stove and the oven come with a 2 year warranty on parts.
The stove is not UL listed. Totally legal to use but will have to follow the local building code for clearance to combustibles (usually 36" unless you are using heat shields) 
Weight: 550 lb for the stove and 66 lb for the oven
Max. heat output: 50 000 BTU
Heats up 10000 cubic feet (for example 50x25x8)
Width: 28.3", depth: 28.3"
Height without the oven: 35.4"
Height with the oven: 51.8"
Flue diameter: 5.9"
T of exhaust smoke: 720F
Min. chimney draft: 10 pa
Max. length of wood logs: 19"
Cannot be sold in Quebec.