Handcrafted in the UK

Camping Kettles by The Ghillie Kettle Company of UK!

Legendary aluminium camping kettles, available in Canada for the first time!

The Ghillie Kettle has produced camping kettles for centuries and at Ghillie Kettle they're still handmade in the age old traditional way. These wood burning camping kettles are made in England and are trusted companions of thousands of adventurers around the world. The Ghillie Kettle is ideal for camping, fishing, hiking, bushcraft, and any outdoor activity. Boil water in just 4 minutes! Can be used in harsh conditions, even when wet and windy. It is quick, durable and simple to use with no need for gas or artificial fuel: use twigs, fir cones, and dry leaves.

All Ghillie Kettles come complete with their own whistle and are delivered in their own storage sack with full instructions.