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"America" Wood Cook Stove by La Nordica

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Quick Overview:

La Nordica "America" Wood Cook Stove - the biggest and most powerful cook stove by La Nordica

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This stove is NOT ULC or CSA certified: dispel the myth about wood stove rules in Canada!

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Wood Cook Stove La Nordica "America"

America is a top of the line wood burning cook stove by La Nordica: biggest, most powerful, most expensive. The stove has both a huge firebox and a huge baking oven - this means most powerful heating and most spacious baking. Like its smaller versions (Mamy and Suprema), America is made from cast iron with beautiful enamel color finishes - anthracite black or cream. This is La Nordica's only cook stove with not 1, not 2 but a whole 3 ringed burners, though in practice the entire cook top of any La Nordica is made of cast iron and is used for cooking. America has 2 separate drawers at the bottom. Effortless and extremely tight door lock systems on both firebox and baking oven. Triple air supply for clean and efficient wood burning. The firebox has 2 unique features:

1) a charcoal grill...right in the firebox! Use it to make real charcoal food at home - steaks, fish, vegetables - by simply opening the firebox door and putting the grill with your food inside.

2) the height of the firebox is adjustable! There is a cast iron floor at the bottom which holds your logs and burning embers - crank it up clockwise and it will rise closer to the top! This is done to increase the heat of the cook top without increasing the heat of the entire stove, i.e. in the summer.

America is much bigger than a typical gas or electric range and the space is divided wisely for both heating and baking with a panoramic firebox and a nearly 3 cubic feet of baking space. America will heat up 2000 sf+ and iusually much more.

Main Features:

Oversized firebox and baking oven

Cast iron body, hearth, cooktop, burners

Enamelled baking oven

2 wood drawers

3 ringed burners

Centered chimney

Adjustable primary air

Adjustable secondary air

Pre-adjusted tertiary air

Specs for the Stove
Dimensions 50.3"w x33.9"h x26"d
Footprint 46.5" wide by 25" deep
Net Weight 706 lb
Firebox Opening Size 12"w x 16"h
Firebox Size 15.7"w x16.1"h x18.1"d
Oven Size 17.1"w x16.5"h x16.9"d
Chimney Diameter 16 cm (6.3") (uses a 6" chimney)
Hearth Material Cast Iron
Thermal Power 52000 BTU
Efficiency 75.6 %
Hourly Wood Consumption 7 lb/h