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The Rocket Heater RMH2

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Quick Overview:

The most efficient wood heater on the market! Burns pellets, branches, hardwood, and softwood!

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The Liberator Rocket Heater is the safest, most effective Rocket Heater commercially available.

We are now selling the latest RMH2 version! Most pictures are still showing the earlier version which is similar.

The Liberator Rocket Heater is the safest, hottest, and cleanest commercially available rocket heater. Built to last a lifetime with high-quality American steel and insulating refractory ceramic, we have the best product on the market and back it with a limited lifetime warranty. 


• The Liberator Generation 2 Rocket Heater in Metallic Black
• 100% Limited Lifetime Warranty

The most efficient non-catalytic and non-electric wood heater on the market. Liberator's heaters holds more safety underwriting than any other heaters on the market and are UL-1482, ULC-S627, and ASTM-E 1509 certified.

  • Burns pellets AND wood at ~99.5% combustion efficiency

  • Consumes 25% less wood than traditional wood stoves.
  • Burns volatile organic compounds, leading to cleaner, hotter, and odorless burns.
  • Maximizes draft and oxygen supply using metallurgical blast furnace technology.
  • Harnesses heat from all three modes of heating: convection, conduction, and infrared
  • Reaches over 600°F (315°C) in only 5 minutes
  • Save money with 2,000+ square feet of heating power.
  • Retains heat better than conventional stoves through our patented heating technologies

Measures 16" long x 24" wide x 36" tall (no pellet hopper) and 16" long x 24" wide x 44" tall (with pellet hopper).

Weighs 165lb without the pellet hopper. The pellet hopper and outside air intake adapter together weigh 36lb.